day 38.2

75 dang dollars, I buy just enough birch to trim out the door. This is going to be expensive. 


day 38

I is raining pretty good today which is not a issue normally. Except when you need supplies. They will not stay dry in the back of the truck.

I had the felting so I stapled it around the door opening, that’s how the did the seam back in the day.

What they didn’t do was flash the doors and windows. I had a roll left over from another project so I flashed the door. Makes since to me, that what they do on all the house they are building around here.

day 37

This is another I can’t believe it took all day, days. I built the closet side and had to make sure was nice and square. I’m using this to square everything up. The passenger side is the square and plum as I can get it. 

day 33

Black everywhere. This is the bottom of the trailer with the bed coating. My face looked pretty much the same, gravity is the pits. My hair soaked it up like a brush, guess I’ll have to buzz it off.