day 172

Pretty much done with the front rack. Just need to route the wires and I can check another one off the list.


day 167

Got the doors on before it got too hot. Suppose to be 107 today and only hotter the rest of the week.

day 21

It takes about ¾ a tube of liquid nail per sheet. Time to let it dry and watch some football. 

Worked on the other side after the game. Got the middle sheet installed and the other two cut.

day 15

Sometimes it takes a long time for what should be simple. Went and picked up some free trailer parts I found on Craig’s list. They are pretty rough but I think I can piece together the missing window. I’d really like to use the front window I picked up but am not sure it is repairable. 
Went to the metal store to pick the metal I need to extend the frame. A little unhappy the worker cut my angle iron short. I told him I wanted one piece 6 and a half feet. He cut it six feet and a ½ inch. My fault I guess?? It took the rest of the afternoon to finish cutting the c channel. Had to take a trip to the orange big box store for another blade in the middle. Should be ready to weld up tomorrow. 
Here is a days work: