day 175

Trimmed out one wheel well. Not in love with it but don't hate it. The price was right, the camping world lady gave me a couple scraps.

Did the other side in the afternoon.


day 170

I made a decal and put it on the front. It looks black but it’s really green with black shadow. I guess I should have made the shadow more gray. 

Also put the rest of the window caps on (not front). Did you know amazon carries them? I do now.

day 160

The galley window just wanted to fight me. Trim went fast and smoothly. I get the buytal tape out and stather it on. Then I noticed I had not screened or put all the glass retainers in yet. I take care of that and go to install it and it won’t fit. I must have taken it out and adjusted at least 10 times. It was a pain in the butt. It should of fit, it’s not like a didn’t test fit it when I framed the window. Just such a tight fit that the trim made it too tight. I was lucky I didn’t break the glass with all the pounding and pulling I did.